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Based on the answers you have provided, you could benefit from Ketamine treatment.

You have been experiencing these symptoms for a long-term period and haven't found much relief. Every day is the same struggle and you just can't control the negative thoughts that plague your mind.

Our patients with similar backgrounds have seen higher results with this revolutionary treatment method. Ketamine has been particularly successful for people who have tried other treatment methods, but did not find relief. It works in a different way than all other treatments and appears to be compatible with others who can't find a method that works.

Ketamine had originally been used as in anesthesia, but studies have found that it is effective at treating a variety of mental illnesses. More recently, ketamine has been shown to help repair the neural pathways that are responsible for the transmission of Glutamate, an important neurotransmitter for normal brain function.

Once ketamine is administered and metabolized, the brain is essentially rewired to not only more easily process events of the past, but better handle new stress factors in the future.

Beyond the experience happening while the treatment is occurring, there is strong scientific research showing that hours after the treatment when ketamine is metabolized in the body, it is stripping away the depression and suicidal ideation.

Industry publications including Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) and the National Institute of (NIH) reference this, making ketamine effective within hours rather than weeks or months. Ketamine for depression is one of the biggest breakthroughs ever in mental health because it is highly effective and works immediately.

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Hear What Others Have to Say:

Don't believe the effects it can have? Michael was unsure at first, but he received Ketamine treatments from True North and it changed his life. Listen to his testimonial below:

Other Reviews:

"Top class care. I am very grateful to have had the experience of going to this clinic and meeting all the staff. Just Great! Thank you."

"Dr. John Sortino is the head of True North Wellness Center and is one of the best doctors I've ever met. I went there for Ketamine treatment for depression and I was very nervous about the procedure, what it would entail & whether it would work. From Mark on the phone to Nick in the office to the doctor himself everyone made me feel very welcome and relaxed. The treatments went beautifully, and I highly recommend doing Ketamine for depression - and if you're going to do it in this area, go to True North."


Meet Dr. Sortino. He was one of the first 5 doctors in the U.S. to use Ketamine to treat mental health issues. Ketamine is an emerging treatment, but Dr. Sortino can't be beat when it comes to experience administering it!

"If you're doing this for the right reasons, you're going to be nervous and anxious for your first appointment. The idea of going through a ketamine experience, disassociating, and losing perception of your own body sound intimidating and impractial for mental health. I want to come here and say forget all of it. On the other side of fear is a whole new life if you go into this with the right mindset.

Before I came here I was reaching the end of the psychological torment I could bare. I hated my life and myself. I had the training to be a therapist but not the objectivity to apply those skills and practices to my own life. I couldn't see the picture because I was in the frame.

By my third ketamine treatment I was completely out of the frame. It was like I was looking at a movie of my life with no personal involvement and could once again put it all into the proper perspective. My depression was simply removed. The parallel I used after the first treatment is that my brain was completely rebooted, and all the memory and program issues were cleared out.

I think this treatment can save lives and revolutionize how we handle a variety of mental health issues. They have an awesome plan for new patients. My only regret is not doing this sooner."


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