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After years of use, many Americans with depression, anxiety, or PTSD are dissatisfied with mainstream treatment.

Many people struggle balancing the long list of unwanted side-effects that come with SSRIs like Prozac and similar antidepressants. Some patients eventually even find themselves more depressed.

Those struggling with PTSD sometimes opt for traditional therapy, but find talking through their traumas over and over exhausting, and are never truly sure if it helps.

These are just two examples from the many reasons people looking to improve their mental health turn to ketamine holistic healing practices.


The Key To Trying Alternative Medicine Is Finding The Right Doctor

There are a lot of people, especially on the internet, who are still trying to sell snake-oil cure-alls with no science behind them. The reality is that 30% of all people experience a placebo effect with a given treatment.

So you could give people sugar pills and 30% of them would still find it effective, which is why snake oil methods may have adherents online. It’s important to find treatments that have a greater than 30% effect, showing that they are more effective than just a sugar pill.

This is why it’s essential to check the credibility of a new treatment method.

But many doctors who develop alternative solutions have a great background and use tried and true methods that just haven’t been mainstream in the United States yet, like aromatherapy.

Other times, a holistic view of treatment leads doctors use mainstream medications in new ways.

Take ketamine treatment, for instance.

While ketamine has been deemed safe by the FDA for anesthesia in children’s surgeries battle wound care for a long time now, its use for mental health treatment is fairly new.

Dr. Sortino of True North Wellness Center was the first to bring this use of ketamine to Florida.  

Dr. Sortino studied in both the U.S. and Rome, was an E.R. doctor in New York, and is still the Medical Director of the Nurse’s Guild Home Health Agency and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine for Nova Southeastern University.

But he opened True North Wellness Center after performing ketamine treatment on a friend who was not seeing any progress using more traditional medicine.

Seeing a way to do some good for those who have been trying to work their way out of a rut, Dr. Sortino has seen great success using ketamine to supplement other therapy measures for mental health treatment.


Alternative Healing Is Comprehensive By Nature

Holistic treatment means doctors look at the patient as a whole person, and treat root causes of health problems, rather than diagnosing a specific illness and treating only that.

Some of the most well-known holistic healing methods are massage, aromatherapy, and acupuncture, all of which we incorporate here at True North Wellness.

If this is something you want to try out, contact us on the web ( or call us at (561) 264-8207.

Almost 40% of Americans use alternative medicine to supplement traditional medicine, in just the way that True Wellness uses ketamine to supplement other therapy methods.

Holistic and alternative medicine methods are usually non-invasive, and practitioners usually focus on getting to know their patients to ensure they come up with the most comprehensive treatment plans, as well as teaching patients preventative methods for the future.

Whereas traditional doctors see patients when they are sick, diagnose the illness, and prescribe medications as needed, alternative medicine professionals develop a relationship with patients to prevent illnesses, treat root causes of diseases, and improve their patients’ lifestyles.


The Patient Comes First In Holistic Medicine

Obviously, no one can build a relationship with their patients without taking the time to get to know them.

Holistic treatment centers need this especially, because it takes a lot more time to get to the root of a problem, or find an intersection of problems than it takes to listen to a list of symptoms and match that to a possible cause and medicine.

Naturopathic and alternative medicine doctors are looking for more than a cure to the reason a patient came in.

They are looking for ways to improve their patients’ lives CONTINUOUSLY.


Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Often Work Together

Just like traditional medicine, alternative medicine has many specialists.

Chiropractors, acupuncturists, and aromatherapy advisors recognize when they can help with a problem, and when they can help a problem, and when their focus can only supplement a different procedure.

Ketamine treatment is often combined with both acupuncture and aromatherapy, for instance.

It can ALSO complement traditional medicine, going alongside psychotherapy, or with a physician’s clearance, be administered in addition to traditional medications.

Complementary alternative medicine is all part of the holistic approach of treating the whole person.


True North Has The Winning Holistic Medicine Model

True North Wellness Center has a tried and true approach to holistic treatment.

A lot of this is due to Dr. Sortino, and his dedication to doing the best for his patients.

Remember when we mentioned that Dr. Sortino first performed this treatment on a close, personal friend?

Well that friend saw a huge improvement, and after that, Dr. Sortino just couldn’t stand the thought that ketamine was not readily available for anyone else who was struggling with ineffective treatments.

Dr. Sortino has the education and medical knowledge expected of traditional doctors, the courage to try new things when his patients need it and it is safe to do so, and the patient-forward mindset to deliver the full benefits of holistic medicine.

No one is more passionate about getting to know patients, following up with them, individually tailoring their treatment plan, and following up.

This trait is shared with his wife, who also works at the center, and all of their caring staff.

If this sounds like a better treatment environment for you than the ones you’ve tried before, or like the environment you want to start with, contact True North Wellness.

(561) 264-8207

Consultations are always free, and we are ready to listen to your needs.

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