True North Wellness Ketamine Treatment Is A Mental Health Service You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

The scenario is familiar to so many:

It’s hard to get out of bed because you tossed and turned all night.

Even when you do get sleep, you still feel exhausted the next day. Waking up immediately triggers a feeling of dread.

It’s hard to look forward to any of the upcoming day’s events.

Distracted, you notice that you forgot to check your blind spot before changing lanes, or you get closer to a curb than you normally would.

The adrenaline spike you get as you implore yourself to focus leaves you feeling even more tired just a moment later.

Some days you appear to have it all together, even though it doesn’t feel like it. Other days even your friends and family can see that something isn’t right.

It’s time to make a change.


There Is No Shame In Seeking Mental Health Treatment

Your mental well-being cannot be ignored. While many worry that they will face a stigma for seeking mental health treatment, it’s really no different than seeing a doctor for a physical ailment.

In fact, mental health and physical health are intimately linked.

Poor mental health puts us at risk for poor physical health. And poor physical health then goes on to worsen your mental health.

Anxiety has been known to cause and/or worsen heart, respiratory, and gastrointestinal conditions.

Depression can lead to over or undereating, lowered immune response, and a myriad of other physical complications.

On the other hand, improving your mental health lessens the impact of physical conditions and improves your body’s response.

Improving your mental health can help you sleep better, which is proven to strengthen the body in many ways, and reduce other physical symptoms like high blood pressure.

In other words, seeking professional mental health is the same thing as seeing a doctor for a physical ailment. The two are linked, and both are highly important for living a good life.


What Is Ketamine’s Role In Holistic Mental Treatment?

True North Wellness Center is a holistic mental health center, meaning that we believe in treating your mind and body as a whole.

We use ketamine treatments to supplement (not replace) existing therapies and counseling techniques.

Ketamine is an FDA approved anesthetic whose safety and low side effect profile has stood the test of time. Over 50 years of observation in the medical community have supported its high benefits and low risks.

In off-label uses, ketamine has been shown to help repair the neural pathways that are responsible for the transmission of Glutamate,  the most important neurotransmitter for normal brain function.

Once ketamine is administered and metabolized, the brain is essentially rewired to not only more easily process events of the past, but better handle new stress factors in the future.

This allows other therapies and health care measures to take hold more securely and work more effectively.


Which Mental Conditions Are Treated With Ketamine?

We have seen the best success with ketamine treatments for depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and suicidal ideation.

Ketamine is also often a helpful part of addiction recovery, as the ketamine treatments reduce cravings related to withdrawal.


What Does True North’s Treatment Process Look Like?

Ketamine treatments are given in low doses, by a licensed physician, at our relaxing facility, which has plush massage chairs, adjustable lights, and all kinds of elements designed to put patients at ease.

Calming exercises beforehand, coupled with Partial Sensory Deprivation with music and/or affirmations during your treatment allow you to enter a new level of understanding and peace throughout your infusion.

With additional services such as aromatherapy, acupuncture or low-dose facilitated therapy services, we can fine-tailor a treatment plan for every client.

Doctors and counselors follow up with patients, continuing to customize your experience as needed.


Why Should I Choose True North For My Mental Health Provider?

True North is one of only three facilities in Florida currently using ketamine treatments as a form of mental wellness treatment.

But those who are serious about healing mentally and improving their emotional state in a long-term way will want to go to True North for more reasons than that.

We stand out for our quality of care.

True North Wellness Center has a strong set of core beliefs that aid us in our mission to help those dealing with depression, PTSD, and other debilitating conditions.

We believe in the potential of every patient we have. We are committed to giving each and every one of them custom, individualized care.

Our holistic approach enlists both physical and mental health professionals, looking to foster LIFELONG wellness, not just temporary alleviation of symptoms.

Our lead doctor, Dr. Sortino is the first doctor to provide ketamine treatments in South Florida, has extensive experience administering ketamine treatments as well as treating depression and anxiety in general.

His personal philosophy is to get to know each person who comes to us for help as an individual and evaluating their needs over the entire course of their time with us.

You won’t find more sincere and empathetic care in any other mental health facility.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, you can always talk to our staff face-to-face, or if you’re more comfortable making suggestions from a distance, we have a “Make It Right” initiative that can be done online.

True North’s commitment to each individual patient cannot be understated, because we understand the importance of mental health.

We want to give people who are feeling exhausted by their anxiety or depression a set of long-term solutions to help them enjoy life again.

The first consultation is always free. Give us a call at (561) 264-8207 and set up your free consultation today.


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